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 Seen outside Ealing Town Hall is London's prototype new generation trolleybus - the result of the recent 'New Bus for London' public consultation that specified that all-electric vehicles have to be deployed to meet the 2025 CO² emissions laws. No.1892 is the precurser of an order for 500 similar vehicles.

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updated 8/12/08
Transport for London Press Release -

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: "A wonderful alliance of overall efficiency and absence of fumes make electric drives the way to go for buses in our city. Londoners that travel on buses using overhead current collection can rest comfortably in their seats and enjoy clear environmental consciences, safe in the knowledge that their journey will guzzle no diesel fuel at all and expire a whopping 100% less carbon dioxide than a regular bus."

Both TfL and the Mayor are committed to the introduction of electric technology and by 2014, TfL expects a large percentage of new buses joining the fleet to be all-electric. At a rate of 500 buses a year, this is expected to be the largest roll out of electric buses in Europe.

Bus manufacturers have responded to that commitment and many have developed electric buses specifically for the London fleet. Alexander Dennis, Volvo and Optare have now produced their first electric buses for London, while Wrightbus has produced a new double deck electric bus. The Mayor has also specified that the 'New Bus for London' should be all-electric.

Electric buses are cleaner and greener than their diesel counterparts. Their use of an electric motor uses no fuel at all on the bus and is better for air quality as they emit no pollutants whatsoever and reduce CO2 emissions to ZERO. Rolling out the new fleet across the capital will hugely contribute to the Mayor's target of a 60% reduction in emissions across London by 2025.

Londoners will notice that electric buses are virtually silent unlike diesel buses, making bus travel more pleasant for passengers and reducing noise for local residents along bus routes. All of London's electric buses can be recognised by the roof-mounted current collection gear and their traditional red livery.

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

updated 8/12/08
By Dave Wilsher