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Currently being delivered to Limoges are 6 Iveco Crealis 18m in-motion-charging trolleybuses that have been awarded the Sustainable Bus Award 2019 (urban category). Used on the busiest services, the vehicles can run on batteries for 25% to 40% of a routes length.    Iveco

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Tbus News - 2019

In Motion Charging (IMC) from Kiepe

2014 Trolleybus and eBus Conference

TROLLEY, the first European trolleybus project

ebus Trolleybus image campaign

Zurich trolleybus conference report

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updated 2/5/19

Solaris typeVI
Solaris has delivered or has on order over 300 trolleybus in 2019 - an increase over recent years. Virtually all have in-motion charging ability. Seen here is the Poznan delivery of the VI type.    Solaris

Rostov Trolza
A new Trolza 5265 Megapolis is now available and has been delivered, for example, to Rostov-na-Donu.  

Biel Hess
Biel has taken delivery of 10 Hess 19DC trolleybuses that can operate for 30km without overhead and charge in-motion (600V/750V 200kVA) or plug into a charging station (400V AC 22kVA).    Hess

Baoding Artic
Baoding, 160km from Beijing, now has three new Trolleybus BRT routes, requiring 70 vehicles, 35 Foton articulated types and (below) 35 Yutong single types.
Baoding standard

Lviv's new style Electron T19102. Since their introduction, 50 more have been ordered to renew the city's fleet.    Alexey Muntyan

St Gallen is to replace three diesel bus routes with 6 18metre and 11 24metre trolleybuses by 2020. And Lyon will convert 6 routes to trolleybus by 2024, requiring 20 new vehicles. Bahnfrend

Roma Breda
Rome will soon be opening its third new generation trolleybus route. The second, route 60, opened recently using BredaMenarini Avancity vehicles.    Trolleybus Valparaiso

Roma Breda
Solingen as converted diesel route 695 to BOB (Batterie-Oberleitungs-Busse) trolleybus operation using liquid-cooled lithium-titanate-oxide traction batteries. The 14.3km line uses only a 2.3km wired section. 16 further vehicles have been ordered for delivery in 2020.    Carlo Tortorelli

Bologna Emilio
Two new routes are opening at Bologna in time for the summer timetable. Branded 'Emilio', the 49 Iveco Crealis Neo trolleybuses use optical guidance to precisely dock at raised stops.

Kiepe has developed a standardised 15.2kWh, 300kg 662V battery module for in-motion charging trolleybuses, manufactured by Voltabox. Three of the containers, each with 12 modules of Lithium titante cells, makeup a system, together with air-conditiong for liquid battery cooling. The first 240 containers are destined for four trolleybus cities in Switzerland and Italy by spring 2021.    Voltabox

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 2/05/19
By Ashley Bruce