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Trolleybus News from around the world
No onboard fuel to cause pollution
Currently available Trolleybuses

Trolleybus promotional materials  

Available materials include - 
Poster of the above (coming)
Post card of the above (coming)
CD of the website, including all movies and documents
DVDs of movies at television quality
4 page A4 brochure (see cover below)

A new way of encouraging travel, that's environmentally healthy, quiet and smooth, prestigous yet affordable. Trolleybuses are a public transport solution whose time has come.

TROLLEY, the first European trolleybus project

ebus Trolleybus image campaign

Service pages -

Promoting quiet, clean urban transport using Overhead Electric, Zero Emission Trolleybuses -
email The Electric Tbus Group

updated 25/9/12


The Electric Tbus Group is pleased to make available promotional materials as part of the campaign to introduce trolleybuses to London, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. We are a non-profit group of individuals representing no commercial interest, and thus reserve the right to provide any materials free of charge or at cost.

To obtain promotional materials, please
email The Electric Tbus Group

  download hi-res 300dpi, 8mb version
  download lo-res 144dpi, 3mb version

 Downloadable video
Watch the Tbus Goup video
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