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Currently under construction is the second Turkish trolleybus system at Sanliurfa. 10 Sileo or Bozankaya 210 passenger 24m double articulated trolleybuses (trambuses) will serve an initial 7km route of a planned 4 route network from 2019.    Bozankaya

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updated 20/5/18

Solaris is building a prototype 24m double articulated trolleybus to test customer reaction. 58kWh batteries, a 2-2-2-2-2 door layout and 4th axle steering are among the features.    Solaris

Stylisically similar are the 30 Solaris Trollino 12 and 18 trolleybuses being supplied to Gdynia. Fitted 58kWh and 87kWh batteries, respectively, allow for 15-20km of offwire operation.  Solaris

Prague SOR
Because battery buses in Prague have proved limited, and following successful full trolleybus inline charging trials, DPP(Prague) is planning to convert bus route 140 using 15 SOR 18m trolleybuses by 2021.    SOR

After extensive testing, Dayton is taking delivery of 41 Gillig/Kiepe BRT NexGen trolleybuses to renew its entire fleet. Despite a 63% price premium over diesel buses, the trolleybuses have 66% longer service and mileage life as well as health savings due to zero missions at street level and are cheaper to operate. The capital cost is only 33% higher than the diesel hybrids that have been a disappointmet to Dayton. The new trolleys can operate over 15km offwire at up to 50mph. RTM

33 Hess Swisstrolley5 18m and 24m trolleybuses are being delivered to Bern and Biel. Engineered to travel for 30% of a wired route in offwire mode, the trolleys can also be charged at a local station, using 400vAC 22kVA.

After over 15 years of hard urban service, the entire Lyon fleet of 7 MAN, 69 12m and 54 18m Cristalis trolleybuses are to be refurbished over a 3 year period, making their service life over 30 years.

In a new joint venture with Iveco, Skoda has produced a prototype 35Tr 18m trolleybus that can operate up to 50% of a route offwire. Currently testing in Plzen in Milano colours, the trolleybus uses the Urbanway 18 body and Skoda electrics and has been presented in France and Italy. Skoda

15 Lubelski Ursus 18m CitySmile trolleybuses are on order for Lublin, the first from this manfacturer. They are fitted with batteries and automatic passenger counting.    Ursus

Despite earlier, difficult, trials with autonomous supercapacitor buses in Shanghai, a prototype Yutong ZK5125A trolleybus with both batteries and supercapacitors has entered service in Guangzhou.    dedtiga

Rosarios new 12.8km route Q uses 12 Trolza-5265.03 trolleybuses which run for 5.7km of the route without overhead wiring by using lithium-ion batteries.

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 20/05/18
By Ashley Bruce