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All 12 specially designed Viseon LT-20 trolleybuses for the King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia have been completed in readiness for the eleven kilometre overhead installation due to be completed in February 2012.   Viseon

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Tbus News - 2011

TROLLEY, the first European trolleybus project

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updated 16/1/12


The first 'Filo' or trolleybus has arrived in Pescara, Italy. As the first overhead electric version of the APTS Phileas, a production run will start next year for use on an 8.2km route that includes 4.9km of dedicated roadway. With 70% of residents voting in favour of the system, two extensions are planned.

Van Hool has chosen to exhibit its multi-propulsion platform as a trolleybus - part of an order for Parma, Italy. The 18m Exquicity, an electric BRT and shown at this years UITP congress in Dubai, will also be available in 24m double articulated form and claims to have the efficency of a tram.   Van Hool

The first European Trolleybus Marketting award has been presented to the Electric Tbus Group at a conference held in Lviv, Ukraine where 60 experts gathered to discuss 'smart ways to market trolleybuses around the globe (download winning entry cloud6.pdf). The city mayor announced plans for 60 new trolleybuses in time for the 2012 UFEA championship.   Ashley Bruce

Solaris recently showed concept designs based on their low-floor Tramino which has entered service in Poznan. Based on the Urbino/Trollino structure, the French inspired "bus ? haut niveau de service" (BHNS) option is being considered as an all electric, 100% clean tailpipe, trolleybus design.   Solaris, adapted

Lyon has inaugurated its 4km C1 route as part of the extensive upgrading of its trolleybus services. Part segregated and with priority at junctions, the Rapid Transit route will be followed by route C2 in September.   (Tommy Chabrol)

Fribourg opens route 3 to Mont Carmel using the latest bracket arm technology for overhead support.   Fribus

Lublin in Poland has received 30 new trolleybuses from indigenous trolleybus manufacturer Solaris, who have now supplied over 550 such vehicles to both East and West Europe.

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 16/1/12
By Ashley Bruce