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Trollino 24
24 meters of highly advanced design has recieved the Top Arena Design Award 2020. Carrying more than 200 passengers, the Solaris Trollino 24 Metro Style in-motion-charging trolleybus uses two 160kW motors with Solaris High Power batteries for use on heavy traffic routes, including BRT.    Solaris

Tbus News - 2020

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updated 12/3/20

To achieve electrification of its bus fleet by 2030, Berlin is planning a return of trolleybuses as the economical optimum for its trunk lines with IMC overhead 'as much as necessary and as much as possible' likely to provide wiring for 50-65% of key routes. Technical appraisal has shown that a dynamic trolleybus system will have no impact on the service timetable or the fleet size otherwise due to long recharging times at terminii and will allow for higher ranges and larger bus units, such 24m tbuses. Route M32 has been approved by operator BVG as a pilot for a network of 235km with 141km wired (61%), requiring 190 articulated and double articulated tbuses at a cost of 300m euros. Investment is expected to be 50% of other e-bus technologies and has potential for future conversion to light rail following expected increases in passengers carried.   Tbus simulation

Mexico City
After years of neglect in one of the world's most polluted cities, Mexico City has recieved 63 12m Yutong ZK5120C trolleybuses with lithium-phosphate batteries capable of >50km off-wire running. Deliveries of 450 trolleybuses are planned for 2020-2025, more than replacing the existing fleet.    Sustainable Bus

Mexico City BRT
Part of Mexico City's ambitious trolleybus plans include $207m investment in an 8km elevated BRT line connecting Lines 8 and A and serving Iztapalapa to the east of the city. The route will require 35 articulated trolleybuses and use high speed overhead.    Ciudad de Mexico

Bergen Trollino
Ten Trollino 18 trolleybuses will replace the existing fleet in 2020 with the 7.5km route extended with 3km of overhead and 1.5km of off-wire operation.  Solaris

Sixteen Van Hool ExquiCity trolleybuses have replaced the previous 25 year-old fleet of Van Hool AG300T trolleys at Montreux-Vevey. The new vehicles will add a 6km battery operated section to the network.
Marc Germann

Hess Swisstrolley 5 tbuses are being built for the new IMC system in Verona with two routes totalling 23.8km, served by 36 vehicles.    William Lopes

Bucharest has ordered 100 Bozankaya Sileo trolleybuses each carrying 96 passegers with 20km battery powered range. The order is worth 44.5m euros. Bozankaya

Skoda 32Tr
Limoges Iveco Crealis In-Motion-Charging 18m trolleybuses carrying 145 passengers have a battery range of 15km that has enabled the extension of route 4 to Montjovis, part of the commitment to become all-electric by 2025.   Skoda

St Petersburg
St Petersburg has ordered 87 PK trolleybuses as part of a new programme to update its extensive fleet. Seven routes use IMC trolleybuses with new off-wire extensions that have seen traffic grow by 50%.   Ivan P

The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development has allocated $8m to upgrade the Dushanbe, Tajikistan trolleybus network. The current order for 100 Belkommunmash 12m trolleybuses has been increased to 150 with EBRD funding. The $250k vehicles have 15km off-wire caapability.    Metro Report

2023 is expected to see replacement of the last high frequency diesel route in Luzern with 24m trolleybuses needing 1.7km of new wiring and using batteries for 1.3km between Michaelshof and Tschuopis. A total of 8.4km. The second route of 7.2km will follow, able to share the new and existing overhead.    Trolleybus Valparaiso

Jinan has taken delivery of the first vehicles for its new Trolleybus BRT project that will see eight new lines totalling 111km by 2022. The extensive network will need 735 tbuses of both single and articulated types.

Bologna Emilio
50 Solaris 18m trolleybuses have been delivered to Cluj-Napoca in Romania, enabling three new routes to be opened. Carrying 142 passengers with 43 seated, the vehicles have a 25kW traction motor and a supercapacitator range extender.    Metro Report

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here
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updated 5/3/20
By Ashley Bruce