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AMCM Modena has ordered Neoplans to replace it's Socimi vehicles, now over 20 years old.

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updated 20/5/06

St.Gallen's transit authority has ordered 10 Hess 'Lightram' 25m double articulated trolleybuses after testing a rebuilt articulated vehicle. Seen here is the Zurich version.

Neoman's projection of a Tbus for Venezuela, one of 80 due for delivery in 2007-8

The trolleybus fleet of Riga, Latvia, is to be totally replaced with 150 Skoda 25Tr models between 2008 and 2012.

Lyon's extended use of Tbuses is now on schedule with 3 new 'super' routes opening from 2007 onwards. An Irisbus Cristalis in the new livery, ready for route C1.

Vancouver has started taking delivery of 228 New Flyer vehicles. Philadelphia has ordered 60 similar Tbuses

Beijing is getting ready for the Olympics with an initial order of 71 new articulated, and 47 12m Tbuses. A second order has been placed with Neoplan China for 100 trolleybuses.

The Hess 'LighTram3' double articulated Tbus caused a stir in Geneva, but new vehicles also include 38 'SwissTrolley3' 18m types. 10 are also being delivered to Biel

Proposed concept by Neoplan, the N6141, presented in the USA by Stuart Kerr of Vossloch Keipe

Skoda has joined with Irisbus to produce a new model, in anticipation of a growing market

Sao Paulo has reversed recent decisions to bring new Tbuses to a very polluted city

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 20/6/06
By Ashley Bruce