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The Swisstrolley Plus is the Hess version of the e-bus or In-Motion charging concept. By tightly integrating the latest trolleybus technology with state-of-the-art battery charging when running under overhead, a 15% reduction in energy consumption is achieved using 100% braking regeneration. Special attention is being given to battery life by the BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre at Bern University of Applied Sciences with ongoing predictive modelling research to maximise efficency. With a battery range of 30km, the first Swisstrolley Plus is in service in Zurich.    Hess

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Tbus News - 2017

In Motion Charging (IMC) from Kiepe

2014 Trolleybus and eBus Conference

TROLLEY, the first European trolleybus project

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Zurich trolleybus conference report

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updated 14/2/15

Esslingen ebus
Esslingens In-Motion charging trolleybuses feature Lithium-titanate batteries for off-wire service use. The Solaris/Vossloh Kiepe Metro Trollinos are 18.75m long and have two motors each driving two axles to cope with hilly routes. Operator SVE plans to become all-electric and is to convert two diesel routes to trolleybus operation, involving 3.5km of new overhead.    SVE

Linz AG is taking delivery of 20 24m double articulated Van Hool trolleybuses with battery APUs to provide 30% greater passenger capacity and a 5km offline range. Each vehicle carries 180 people, has two 160kw motors and a maximum speed of 65kph.    Gunter Mackinger

Esslingen ebus
Because battery buses in Prague have proved limited, full trolleybus inline charging is being installed for one kilometre to Prosek using SOR 18m trolleybuses - a re-introduction of the mode, not seen since 1972.    SOR

New YoungMAN trolleybuses have entered service on just opened route 301, that serves the Beijing BRT3 route. Three diesel routes have been converted to trolleybus and the 21 stop 16km BRT2 opens this year, using Foton BJD-WG180FA trolleybuses.

A new trolleybus system opened on 12th July in Marrakesh, Morocco, with 15 12m and 20 18m Yangtse Veyron G92 vehicles on 11km of routes and powered by a 1mw solar array. The trolleybuses use in-line motion battery charging.    Yangste

Shanghai BRT
40 type ZK5180A 18m and 28 type ZK5120C 12m Yutong trolleybuses are serving the new 71 BRT route in Shanghai with 25 stops on a 17.5km dedicated roadway. A passenger flow of 6,000 per hour is significantly reducing congestion and more BRT lines are planned with peak flows of 30,000/hour.    LH photo

Mexico City
The DINA prototype in Mexico City is proving successful as a much needed replacement for an over extended fleet in one of the world's most air polluted cities. The trolleybus is in service on the Corredor Cero Emision BRT line. Operator STE is planning to acquire 100 new trolleybuses.    DINA

Malatya has recieved much needed additional trolleybuses to cope with high demand. A new system at Sanliurfa has a 7km route planned, with 10 25m trolleybuses to be followed by a 10km route and 18 more trolleybuses.    silvia

New Flyer
San Francisco has taken its option to order 185 New Flyer articulted trolleybuses, to complete fleet renewal and provide for system expansion.    MUNI

New Flyer
Moscows latest include Stadler 43303A VITOVT MAX DUO articulated trolleybuses, one of over 70 being delivered in both 12m and 18m versions to operators in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.    BKM

More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 14/8/17
By Ashley Bruce