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In planning terms, the Trolleybus is clearly the most appreciated public service vehicle available.

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  East London & Greenwich

  Cross River & West London

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updated 1/2/06

Initial Routes

Routes 935 &936
Cross River Transit - Camden-Euston-Waterloo-Elephant-Peckham, and Kings X-Euston-Waterloo-Kennington-Stockwell

Route 907
Uxbridge Road Transit - Uxbridge-Southall-Ealing-Acton-Shepherds Bush

Routes 991, 992, & 993
East London Transit - routed around Ilford, Barking and Romford Route 994
Waterfront Transit - Greenwich-Woolwich-Thamesmead-Abbey Wood

With an aggravated need for improved public transport, clear planning control over individual cars and the special advantages of electric buses, a large, coherent network of fast, comfortable services is envisiged - starting with a central, trial route from Stockwell to Camden Town as has been suggested by Transport for London.

To quote,'In central London, Transport for London is a partner with local authorities, private firms and the Government Office for London in the Cross River Partnership, which is dedicated to improving facilities on both banks of the river and to providing better cross-river links. One of the most promising of these developments is a proposal to develop a "streetcar", a high quality surface link from Stockwell and Peckham in south London, via Waterloo, Kinsgway and Euston to Camden and Kings Cross in the north. Active development work on the scheme is being continued by the partners, led by Transport for London. The proposed layout of the scheme has been developed and consultants are examining the demand for such a new transport link, its impact upon general road traffic in central London and its environmental impact. Further development work and public consulation will continue over the next year.'