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No onboard fuel to cause pollution
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Our Proposal -  
We propose that Trolleybuses are initially introduced between Ilford and Barking Reach as a phase one to demonstrate feasibility, practicality and efficiency. This section of the East London Transit scheme has been chosen to show how well trolleybuses can be applied to
high levels of patronage (Ilford to Barking)
potential for segregation in existing roads (Ilford, Loxford, Barking, Greatfields Park)
potential for regeneration on brownfield sites (Barking Reach)
transport interchange (Ilford, Barking, and potentially, Dagenham Dock stations)

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 see detailed proposal (3mb Word file)

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Network pages -

Promoting quiet, clean urban transport using Overhead Electric, Zero Emission Trolleybuses -
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updated 1/2/06


  The vehicles are to be -  
18m long, 3 axle, articulated single deckers
fully low-floor design, 290mm floor height
powered by wheel hub mounted electric motors
carry 120 passengers, seating 60 passengers in comfort, 30 half seated
be fitted with full internal environment control
have plenty of room for mobility aids, baby buggies and luggage
carry on-board real time passenger service information
have assistive guidance to give precision stopping (50-75mm gap)
centrally positioned driver with no passenger contact
be electrically driven, very quiet in operation and produce zero emissions
capable of 'off-wire' operation with auxiliary on-board power supply

  The route is to have -  
high service speeds and smooth journeys on dedicated surfaces
240mm Kassel kerbs for level loading of shoppers, mothers and disabled users
'clear' junction priority giving the Trolleybus the fastest journey time of any road user
high frequency service, as low as 3 minutes between vehicles
service stops at 300-350m intervals
stops that protrude into the nearside or only carriage way
pre-ticketting available at all stops and smart card season tickets
attractive stops with real time Trolleybus and Underground connection information
passenger perception of service permanence
seven day a week, morning to night operation
ctv security surveillance
well trained, customer friendly staff on 80% of vehicles
well trained, well paid drivers
segregated guide ways where full passenger access is maintained
easy interchange with other transport modes

  The overhead wiring is to be of -  
optimum overhead layout
minimum visual intrusion
minimum size conductors and fittings

The electrical system is to be -  
at a supply voltage of 750v DC fully floating with respect to ground
supplied by generation sources that are environmentally sustainable

  East London Transit
The routes will be -  
991 - Fulwell Cross-Gants Hill-Ilford-Barking-Rainham-Havering Riverside
992 - Harold Hill-Romford-Barking-City Airport
993 - Collier Row (Hillside)-Romford-Elm Park-Rainham-Havering Riverside

The western end of the 992 is expected to be extended to the 994 Greenwich Transit trolleybus line, when the third Blackwall Crossing is completed.

Greenwich Transit  
The route will be -  
994 - Greenwich - Woolwich - Abbey Wood
The alignment of 994 Greenwich Transit trolleybus line is proposed to follow new trolleyways, thereby maximising the passenger appeal of the service.