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The innovative Castelle de la Plana trolleybus rapid transit system has opened, the first use of optically guided trolleybuses. Ultimately the aim is to extend the 2.1km line to a 90km network by 2019 and include other Valencian communites. The vehicles operate in hybrid mode in the city centre and the depot.

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updated 20/7/08

A major conference, Trolleymotion's "New Horizons for Urban Traffic - Innovative Electric Bus Transit Systems" was held on 18/19 November at Zurich Technopark. Included are such vehicles as the latest Mercedes Citaro, a hybrid which, with 4x80kw hub motors and 19.4 kWh li-ion batteries, can be adapted to a more lightweight and higher capacity trolleybus. The conference offers proffesionals the chance to discuss electric drive innovations and opportunities. More...

Mercedes Benz

200 new Young MAN Neoplan 11m trolleybuses, built in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China, are being delivered to Almaty, Khazakhstan. The operator is said to have been impressed with model during a visit to the Beijing Olympics. 20 vehicles have been delivered so far and have AC motors.

Zachary Jiang

Biel is currently replacing 20-23 year old trolleybuses with 10 new Hess Swisstrolley3s. The replaced Volvo vehicles have been sold for further service in Romania.

Mark Doyon

Minsk Public Transit Authority has updated it's large fleet with 139 Belkommunmash 321 12m low floor trolleybuses, with another 100 due before the end of the year. The 65 routes of Minsk provide 26% of the city's public transport.

Winterthur has decided to retain its trolleybus system and to spend 24 million Swiss francs on the replacement of 21 trolleybuses. The decison is based on a recommendation by the INFRAS institute, which considered ecological reasons as more important than short term fiscal calculations.

Andrew Mogelestue

Timisoara public transport company RATT (Regia Autonoma de Transport Timisoara) has now recieved 50 new Skoda 24Tr trolleybuses in a deal worth 22 million euros.


Luzern, Switzerland has ordered 16 new Hess artic trolleys with Kiepe electrics and Neuch?tel is ordering 20. The vehicles, which will replace 20+ year old trolleybuses, will be similar to Zurich's examples.

Andrew Mogelestue

Cordoba, Argentina, has ordered 25 new trolleys from Trans Alfa Trolleybus through a leasing arrangement.


Moscow, with it's fleet of over 2000 trolleybuses, is almost continually adding new models to its fleet. Amongst this years deliveries are 40 Trolza articulated trolleybuses.


More details of worldwide Tbus developments are here

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updated 24/10/08
By Ashley Bruce